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What I wish I didn’t know

When I hear about terrible things happening to children on the media I wonder how those parents feel when they hear the news their child is missing, presumed dead. One in particular stands out in my mind for some reason. … Continue reading

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Advice for parents?

I had a good laugh this morning when trolling through the web as I found a recent news article about research linking asthma to traffic was slightly absurd.   Knowing how the complexities and nuances of research are often … Continue reading

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Kids banned from hugging…

I was chatting with my young friend G yesterday afternoon and he was incensed.  His teacher had told him that a Queensland primary school had banned hugging: While the article somewhat tries to balance the notion between ‘good’ and … Continue reading

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A little ride

The other day, my partner and I rode to the cinema with her 8 and her 10 year old.  We rode along busy roads and the kids loved it!  After the film, we got out the bike lights and road … Continue reading

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No need to ban peanuts from school

Here’s an interesting article that I found while surfing the web the other day.  It’s from While acknowledging that peanut allergies can be severe, there is a greater emphasis on managing the allergy and being prepared to act in … Continue reading

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Kids Bounce!

A friend has kindly permitted me to re-post a comment from another site: Kids bounce. Most everything I can do today is because my parents were wise enough to set wide limits for exploration rather than setting limits to exclude … Continue reading

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A lesson from a six year old…

A friend of mine told me a great story the other day.  His Nan was at the house looking after the kids for the weekend on a rural property.  It was a great place for them to ride their bikes … Continue reading

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