A lesson from a six year old…

A friend of mine told me a great story the other day.  His Nan was at the house looking after the kids for the weekend on a rural property.  It was a great place for them to ride their bikes madly all over the place.  The older kids, who had more ‘all terrain’ skills didn’t get off their bikes to go down the stairs – they jumped them!

My friend’s four year old son watched the older boys then announced he would do the same, much to Nan’s chagrin.  Nan gave the youngest boy warnings about the potential outcomes, and told him not to imitate the older ones, then went inside.  The little one had a different idea! He rode around the house and glided into the air above the stairs.

As predicted, he didn’t make the jump, went over the handle bars and landed in a painful heap at the bottom.  Nan heard the crying and rushed outside worried, providing both sympathy and admonishment.  “What did you learn from this young man, she asked?”

The young boy answered “I have to go faster next time”.


About Julie Rudner

With great excitement for the adventure we were about to go on, my mother would shout out, "We're off to see the Wizard"! It didn't matter if we were going to the shops for milk, the museum or a holiday. My mum focused on the joy of the everyday, knowing that if we engaged with life, we would always find something new and positive. With great animation my dad would explain the workings of things and how to pull things apart, put them back together, and if the situation called for it, make something new. My sister and I were taught to evaluate situations, make our decisions, and reap the consequences (both good and bad). We were encouraged to push our boundaries and not let fear prevent us from pursuing our dreams. Importantly, we learned to pick ourselves up, learn from our 'failures', and use our valuable lessons to build our confidence, independence and strength in ourselves.
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