This blog is a dedicated space for those of us who want to see more kids having the freedom to explore, develop ‘street sense’ and engage with the challenges of growing up.  It is also dedicated to all the people who may not have their own kids, but are actively involved in caring for and supporting others’ kids – the kids they know through family, friends, teaching, coaching, neighbouring…

I intend for the blog to be a place of open conversation where the more adventurous can be supported in their decision-making, and the more cautious can gain greater confidence in letting their kids do a little more than they used to.  Therefore, I encourage respectful debate, contributions of stories and observations, and suggestions for links to articles and other useful information.

I look forward to a diversity of views and lively discussion, and to help this along, all posts will be moderated to filter potentially offensive (agresssive/abusive) content.