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With great excitement for the adventure we were about to go on, my mother would shout out, "We're off to see the Wizard"! It didn't matter if we were going to the shops for milk, the museum or a holiday. My mum focused on the joy of the everyday, knowing that if we engaged with life, we would always find something new and positive. With great animation my dad would explain the workings of things and how to pull things apart, put them back together, and if the situation called for it, make something new. My sister and I were taught to evaluate situations, make our decisions, and reap the consequences (both good and bad). We were encouraged to push our boundaries and not let fear prevent us from pursuing our dreams. Importantly, we learned to pick ourselves up, learn from our 'failures', and use our valuable lessons to build our confidence, independence and strength in ourselves.

When good laws go bad: Zealous interpretation of everyday life

Existing laws in Australia can criminalise parents for leaving their kids unattended as this article shows – including letting kids walk to and from school and other places – something I have highlighted in my research. Three things really get … Continue reading

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Crossing guards

As I was riding to work today, I stopped for the lollipop woman and teens to cross the road to school. I find this really perplexing… why do high school kids need a crossing guard? When I looked into a … Continue reading

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Do we really want risk management to determine how we interact?

Australians often have a giggle at the policies, events and the people of the United States. From my perspective some things that occur over there are ridiculous, and I chuckle, more from disbelief than humour. The risk culture in the … Continue reading

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On Thursday 31 May 2012, there was a great article in the Melbourne Herald Sun about children’s play in school yards. Paul Tranter, an academic in Canberra, studied the change in children’s behaviour when they were given ‘loose materials’ for … Continue reading

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Are we missing the point re: kids going places by themselves?

In 2010, a report was produced for VicHealth – a quasi-government health promotion agency. The report: Nothing but fear itself: Parental fear as a determinant impacting on children’s and young people’s physical activity and independent mobility is quite good. It … Continue reading

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Simple pleasures that are ‘worth the risk’: hold tight, lift your knees and let go as you reach the top of the arch…

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