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Have you come across some unruly regulations that need to be reigned in?

Do we really want risk management to determine how we interact?

Australians often have a giggle at the policies, events and the people of the United States. From my perspective some things that occur over there are ridiculous, and I chuckle, more from disbelief than humour. The risk culture in the … Continue reading

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Kids banned from hugging…

I was chatting with my young friend G yesterday afternoon and he was incensed.  His teacher had told him that a Queensland primary school had banned hugging: While the article somewhat tries to balance the notion between ‘good’ and … Continue reading

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No need to ban peanuts from school

Here’s an interesting article that I found while surfing the web the other day.  It’s from While acknowledging that peanut allergies can be severe, there is a greater emphasis on managing the allergy and being prepared to act in … Continue reading

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