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Simple pleasures that are ‘worth the risk’: hold tight, lift your knees and let go as you reach the top of the arch… Advertisements

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A little ride

The other day, my partner and I rode to the cinema with her 8 and her 10 year old.  We rode along busy roads and the kids loved it!  After the film, we got out the bike lights and road … Continue reading

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Kids Bounce!

A friend has kindly permitted me to re-post a comment from another site: Kids bounce. Most everything I can do today is because my parents were wise enough to set wide limits for exploration rather than setting limits to exclude … Continue reading

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A lesson from a six year old…

A friend of mine told me a great story the other day.  His Nan was at the house looking after the kids for the weekend on a rural property.  It was a great place for them to ride their bikes … Continue reading

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Opinion Piece

From the National Times Online Opinion http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/cloistered-kids-make-terrible-adults-20101012-16hhh.html Cloistered kids make terrible adults Julie Rudner October 12, 2010 If my parents had raised me the same way now as they did in the 1970s and ’80s, I’m sure they would attract … Continue reading

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